Your Funded Account dashboard is a very useful platform - if used to its full potential!

Challenge Accounts

This section contains information regarding your challenge accounts. All active and previous challenges will be found here, along with their progress in keeping up with the requirements.

Information such as credentials and server details may also be found here. 

The details button will provide you with in-depth details of your performance in the challenge. Monitor these values to keep in line with our requirements.


The competitions tab will be loaded with any ongoing competitions we may introduce. You can scroll through past and active competitions, as well as view the rules for any present competitions.

MT4 Download

If you are yet to download MetaTrader, you may do so directly from this tab.

Affiliates Tab

All affiliate information such as commissions, referrals, and payouts will be stored here. You will also find your affiliate link and edit your Bitcoin payout address.

My Profile Tab

You can amend any personal details here and change your portal password. Billing information of any purchased funded accounts will also be found in the Billing section.