To further understand what partially closing positions before executing withdrawal requests means, follow the example below:

Let's assume that a Money Manager has two Investors that have deposited $15,000 in their fund and that the Money Manager currently has open positions.

If one of the Investors decides to withdraw their portion of the investment and their withdrawal is processed, the remaining funds would be insufficient to back up the continuing positions and so, the positions will be stopped out.

If this option is selected, the positions will begin closing their lots based on the amount of money left in the account.

For example, if the Money Manager was trading with 20 lots and the Investor pulled out 50% of the Fund, the position would be instantly reduced to 10 lots.

Step-By-Step Guide:

Access your fund.

Click on the dotted icon next to the Launch Rollover button.

Select Edit.

Tick the box which says "Partially close positions before executing withdrawal requests" to enable it

Click on Save.