To be able to start with creating a fund and having Investors join it to proceed with trading, you will need to create a PAMM Money Managers account from your ProsperityFX account.

Kindly note that Money Managers are only able to open an account in USD.

Step by Step Guide:

 Click "My Accounts"

 Choose "ProsperityFX MT4_PAMM Manager" as the Account Type

 Confirm the age requirement and accept the Terms and Conditions

 Click "Create Account"

 The Money Manager Account has now been created and you will now need to proceed with creating a fund.

 Click on the "Plus" icon under the "Actions" tab

 Choose the "Name", "Currency" and "Leverage" for the fund. You can also add a "Description" for the fund.

 Click "Create Investment Fund"

Important Note: Only ONE Money Manager Account is able to be created. You are able to create limitless funds.