ProsperityFX offers three different payout structures: Top Heavy, Balanced and Direct.

When becoming an Affiliate, you do not only receive a commission from the first person you have referred, but we also provide commission for their referrals.

Depending on the structure chosen, you will receive commissions from that particular affiliate and the network that they build, as detailed below.

When selecting a structure to use to refer your new affiliate, it is important to consider:

-Their trading knowledge and experience which would lend to their presence within the industry/social media following and connections.

-Their potential network of additional referrals that they themselves could go on to onboard based on their personal approach to reaching out to contacts or followers.


If your referral has a high level of trading or affiliate experience and has a wide network, we would suggest using the Balanced structure as this structure provides a smooth but steady income and traders refer traders, who refer other traders.

Top Heavy

If you are still getting to know your contacts or more so, in the process of starting to understand their outreach potential, we would suggest using the Top Heavy structure as this structure provides a high income initially, however slowly decreases by level, still offering earnings as affiliates refer additional affiliates. 


On the other hand, if your referral does not intend on becoming an IB themselves, we suggest using the Direct structure as the opportunity for exponential earning might not be clear or present.