To withdraw via Bitcoin, you will need to do the following:


  • Click/Tap on  "Withdraw".
  • Choose Bitcoin (BTC).
  • Input the amount you would like to withdraw.
  • Click/Tap on "Request Withdrawal".
  • Input your Bitcoin (BTC) address: You can copy and paste your Bitcoin wallet address to ensure the details are accurate.
  • then click on "Withdraw XX Funds".



You will be redirected to the below page where you will need to enter your Bitcoin (BTC) address:

Due to the digital currency protocols, transactions can neither be cancelled nor reversed once processed. Check your details carefully before submitting your request because it could result in a permanent loss of your funds.


  • Only enter a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address 



If you notice an error, please contact our support department immediately to see if it is still possible to cancel the withdrawal request. 



We aim to process withdrawal requests within 1 working day. Once the funds have been processed, it can take “1-3 hours” or as soon as you get “3-6 confirmations” on the Blockchain before the funds will be available in your BTC wallet. 


You can monitor/search on You can check the process by going to the blockchain website. Please click here