Leverage options range to 1:500. Below you will find the specific leverage for the instrument.

Forex: 1:500

Metals: 1:200

Cryptos: 1:100

Stocks: 1:20

Indices: 1:200 

Energies: 1:200

The leverage available for SHBUSD1000 is currently 1:30.

Recently, the Turkish Lira market has been ongoing increasing volatilization. With hopes to safeguard our clientele, this has led us to reduce the available leverage for the instrument to 1:50.

The leverage for pairs containing Swiss Frank (CHF) has been reduced from 1:500 to 1:50. This is due to changes made in it's margin requirements. The change will occur at 9PM Server time on 20th August 2021. There is no set date yet for when the previous leverage will apply to CHF pairs. CLICK HERE for more information.