Before completing the below, kindly make sure you have already created a Live MetaTrader Account from within your ProsperityFX Account. 


How Do I Create A Live Trading Account? - Click here 


 Step-By-Step Guide:


To be able to download and login to MetaTrader on your "iOS" phone, you need to:

  • Go to the Apple Store. You can click here to go directly there if you are on your phone/tablet by clicking here.

  • When you open the app store, input MetaTrader 4 into the search box. 

    • Click/Tap on the Cloud icon to download MetaTrader.

    • Once you have downloaded the application, click/tap on Open.


  • Then, you will need to click/tap on Settings.


  • Click/Tap on “New Account”.



  • Click/Tap on “Login to an existing account”.


  • Tap on Prosperity-Live to log in to a Live account.

    • Tap on Prosperity-Demo to login to a Demo account.

  • Input your MetaTrader Account Number and Trader Password that you received in your email inbox.