Before completing the below, kindly make sure you have already created a Live MetaTrader Account from within your ProsperityFX Account. 


How Do I Create A Live Trading Account? - Click here 

Step-by-Step Guide: Downloading And Signing In to Metatrader - Windows


  • Go to

  • Click/tap here to download MetaTrader

  • Depending on the browser you are using, click run/open to start installing MetaTrader.

  • Check out the “terms and conditions” then click next. 


The program will start to install. Once installed, click finish and MetaTrader will automatically open after a moment or two.


The following box will pop up on MetaTrader once the program has started.  


  • Choose Prosperity-Live (Live account) or Prosperity-Demo (Demo account). 



  • Click/tap on “Existing Trade Account”.

  • Input your “MetaTrader account login details”. 

  • Click/tap on "Finish”.


You are now able to trade. All you would need to do if you have not already is:


Deposit funds into your account: Click here.


Do an Internal Transfer from your wallet to your MetaTrader account: Click here.